She/the observer/the observed

She is the seer…look at what she sees.

A little girl’s universe stretches from her hometown of Chicago to upstate New York, and for one so small the distance is immense. Her flip flash camera with a Kodapack cartridge is her talisman, her way of holding memories of distant ones close and making sense of the world. She discovers, too, that with her camera she is able to capture the essential spark of sentience that she recognizes in animals. 

Perhaps Elizabeth DeCicco and the camera were fated for one another. First, she discovered her gift for capturing what she saw. A bit later, the camera fell for her, and as she traveled the world acting and modeling, she took photos of everything. She observed. Her relationship with the camera evolved.

She is a giver and a creator. She sees the souls and feelings and intellect in all created things. She breathes life into her creations, whether as a photographer, a thespian, or a singer, imbuing them with her essence. 

She is both the seer and the seen. 

She is both the light and its observer.

Photo Credit: Baron Wolman

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